Dr. Robyn Rowland

Dr. Robyn Rowland is an Irish-Australian citizen living in both Connemara and Australia. She regularly works in Turkey. She has written 13 books, 10 of poetry, all of which have been previously supported by the Irish Arts Council or the Literature Board in Australia. Her 10th is just published by Doire press: Mosaics from the Map. In these poems, history is lived in the intimate. Personal stories explore war, change, family and friendship – in Ireland, Turkey, the Balkans and Australia.

The Workshop
This structured workshop is appropriate for established and early writers; poets and prose writers.

The great Persian Sufi poet Rumi wrote:

“Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can’t go somewhere, move in the passageways of the self. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them.”

From the first ancient travel writers in the 8th BC, through the finest of poets and travel writers of today, movement into the world allows us to see others in their original sense and to feel ourselves for who we really are. Journeys are undertaken through curiosity or necessity; with urgency or with the delight of ‘no hurry’. Many of us are in constant motion, roving through place and time. To have travelled, opens life, brings excitement and understanding. In movement, whether by foot, camel, sea, train or plane, we are shaped by the world and we in return shape it. Journeys take on different natures: external into the excitement of culture, landscape and language; or internal into the nature of spirit and self.

In this workshop we will explore many forms of journeying and what happens when we engage with it.

Each participant is given notes to keep which relate to the topic of the workshop, as well as copies of Robyn’s and other works which exemplify the theme. Each part of the workshop involves a talk, a guided meditative moment encouraging participants to attend to the nature of their piece of writing, followed by writing towards the topic. Robyn will then give feedback for each participant in terms of the aim of the workshop.

Website: www.robynrowland.com

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