Jim O’Malley

Jim O'MalleyJim O’Malley, an environmentalist and long-distance walker, is a native of the Youghal area though domiciled in Kerry since 1980. Jim taught English and Irish in Killorglin, 1980-2007. Since his retirement in 2007 he has fulfilled a longstanding ambition in following the Blackwater from source to sea in 2010.

A seven-day journey, hardly an epic walk, but a memorable experience that has been recorded in his recent book – Walking the Munster Blackwater, Ashfield Press, Nov 2015. While emphasising the historic events that occurred along the course of the river, O’Malley presents the reader with a varied snapshot of the Irish countryside. Encounters with farmers, B&B personnel, publicans, anglers and others are blended with his love of nature and a deeply-felt concern for the future of the Blackwater.

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Turtle Bunbury

Turtle Bunbury Author - Photo by Leon FarrellTurtle Bunbury is a best-selling author and historian. His recent books include The Irish Diaspora and Ireland’s Forgotten Past, described by BBC History Magazine as ‘impeccably researched.’ Turtle also presents history podcasts including Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish and Waterways Through Time.

Turtle’s latest history project ‘Past Tracks‘ can now be found in 50 Railways across Ireland. Written and researched by Turtle, and beautifully illustrated by Derry Dillon, ‘Past Tracks‘ puts history back in focus through the medium of 300 short stories about lesser-known people, places and events connected with Ireland’s rich past.

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Published Books
The Irish Diaspora: Emigration, Exile & Imperialism, 2021
Ireland’s Forgotten Past, 2020
Adare Manor : An Epicurean Journey, 2020
Adare Manor : Renaissance of an Irish Country House, 2019
1847 – A Chronicle of Genius, Generosity & Savagery, 2016
Easter Dawn – The 1916 Rising, 2015
The Glorious Madness – Tales of the Irish & the Great War, 2014
Vanishing Ireland 4, 2013, with James Fennell
Dublin from the Etihad Skyline (GAA Museum, 2012)
Vanishing Ireland 3, 2011, with James Fennell
Sporting Legends of Ireland, 2010, with James Fennell
Vanishing Ireland 2, 2009, with James Fennell
Dublin Docklands, An Urban Voyage, 2009
The Irish Pub, 2008, with James Fennell
Vanishing Ireland, 2006, with James Fennell
Living in Sri Lanka, 2006,, with James Fennell
The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of County Wicklow, 2005
The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of County Kildare, 2004

Web Site: www.turtlebunbury.com
Twitter: @turtlebunbury

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Phan Thi Kim Phuc

Phan Thi Kim PhucPhan Thi Kim Phuc was born and raised in the village of Trang Bang, 30 minutes north of Saigon. During the Vietnam War, the strategic Route 1 that runs through the village became the main supply road from Saigon to Phnom Penh. On June 8, 1972 together with American co-ordinators, the South Vietnamese Airforce dropped napalm bombs on Kim’s village. Nine-year-old Kim fled from a Cao Dai pagoda, where she and her family were hiding. Two of her infant cousins died in the attack and Kim was badly burned.

Kim was photographed running down the road, screaming from the third degree burns to her skin. Nick Ut, the Associated Press photographer who was there to cover the siege, took the photograph of young Kim. Moved by her pain, he rushed her to a South Vietnamese hospital. She then spent 14 months recovering in Barsky Hospital, the American hospital in Saigon, where her care was paid for by a private foundation. Ut’s photograph of Kim remains one of the most unforgettable images of the Vietnam War.

Illustration and top photo by Anne Bayin. Bottom photo by Nick Ut/Associated Press.

Web Site: www.kimfoundation.com

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Peter Murtagh

Peter MurtaghPeter Murtagh is a reporter with The Irish Times. He has held a number of senior positions in the paper over many years, as well as in The Guardian newspaper in London. He is well travelled and has written from many places in Europe as well as Asia, South and Central America and South Africa, occasionally observing places from the vantage point of his motorbike. In 2011 he wrote, with his daughter Natasha, a book about their journey together on Camino de Santiago. He has since walked the Portuguese Camino and the Camino Primitivo.

Twitter: @PeterMurtagh

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Fergal Keane

Fergal KeaneFergal Keane was born in London and educated in Ireland. He is one of the BBC’s most distinguished correspondents and an award-winning broadcaster and author. He has reported on the major conflicts and also forgotten wars of the modern age. He has been awarded a BAFTA, been named reporter of the year on television and radio, winning honours from the Royal Television Society and the Sony Radio Awards. Keane has won the George Orwell prize for literature, the James Cameron Prize and the Edward R. Murrow Award from the US Overseas Press Association. He was recently awarded the Ireland Fund of America Literary Prize. Keane was also awarded an OBE for his services to journalism. He is the author of a number of bestselling books including ‘Letter to Daniel’ and his memoir ‘All of These People’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Road of Bones – the Siege of Kohima’ in 2010. He is due to publish a new book ‘Wounds – a memoir of Love and War’ in the Autumn. He lives in London with his wife and two children.”

Twitter: @fergalkeane47

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Paul Clements

Paul ClementsPaul Clements is the author of four travel books about Ireland, as well as works of biography and criticism, and is a contributing writer to three guidebooks to Ireland. His latest book, Wandering Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: From Banba’s Crown to World’s End (2016) is based on a journey along the west coast by car and bike, on horseback and on foot. Burren Country: Travels through an Irish limestone landscape is a collection of essays described as a love letter to the Burren published in 2011 by the Collins Press. The Height of Nonsense: The Ultimate Irish Road Trip (2005) and Irish Shores, A Journey Round the Rim of Ireland (1993) have both been reprinted in 2016. Paul’s acclaimed biography on the travel writer, actor and singer Richard Hayward, Romancing Ireland, was published in 2014 by Lilliput Press and adapted for BBC television. He has written and edited two books about the travel writer and historian Jan Morris. In 2012, he edited an anthology The Blue Sky Bends Overall, a celebration of ten years of the Immrama Festival of Travel Writing. A regular contributor to The Irish Times, he has written many ‘Irishman’s Diaries’ on cultural life and heritage, and reviews Irish local history books.

Join Paul Clements on a meandering journey through a quarter century of travelling and writing about the changing face of modern Ireland. For his latest book, Wandering Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Paul retraced the footsteps of his first travel book of 1991 based on a coastal hitchhike. In an illustrated talk, he reflects on the social, cultural and physical changes that have taken place in that time: the new landscape of wind turbines and phone masts, the fact that extreme weather is the new normal, and that coffee is the new wine. We learn about the Celtic seagod who was a swashbuckling companion on his journey, hear about the Power of Three, and his trip through LSD; and just who uses phone boxes these days? Looking back from the second decade of this century, the past – even the recent past – seems a foreign country where things were done differently.

Twitter: @clementswriting

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Donald Brady

Donald Brady Author

Donald Brady is a former County Librarian, historian and author of numerous historical books. He will speak on Gerald Villierstown Stuart (1869-1951): Author, Politician and Businessman.

Donald has delivered a paper at every festival since 2005. Donald never disappoints.

Donald Brady was born in Cavan and obtained his B.A. in History and English at Maynooth. He was County Librarian for County Waterford from 1982 until 2010. He served as director of the West Waterford Heritage Week in 1991 and 1992. He was the co-ordinator of Waterford County Council’s Famine Commemoration Programme and served on the National Committee charged with the protection of the Woodstown Viking Settlement.

He has edited major Waterford histories including, Hansard’s History of Waterford and Smith’s History of Waterford. Some of his more recent books are W.E.D. Allen & Other Essays, and A Study of the Life and Work of Regina Maria Roche.

Details of this year’s festival programme can be found elsewhere on this website.

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